This is life.

DSC_0209So that first post was kind of deep, right?  And then the second one?  Woo! Poems! I love ’em.  But I promise that’s not all that’ll be around here.  I’m all about the quiet moments of reflection, the poetry, all that.  But I’m also about real life.  The kind of real life where sometimes I leave my kids alone for 30 seconds so I can pee and come back to find their lunch (cream of chicken and rice soup, if you were wondering) smeared all over the counter.  And I ain’t even mad because at least they are being nice to each other and working together to mush the rice to one side and the chicken bits to the other.

Did I mention that I roasted a chicken, made chicken stock out of it, then lovingly prepared the soup from scratch so these little angels have strong, healthy bodies?

Did I mention before we sat down to eat I wiped down the counter thoroughly, as it was covered with mystery goo from breakfast, and was all, “Ok, no more wiping mystery goo on the counter?”

But seriously, I’m not even mad.  Look at them. Just look! So cute, right?


So anyway… life.  Here’s the thing: I used to think that I had to be the {Fill in the blank} girl.  The smart girl.  The funny girl. The has-it-all-together-mom girl.  The artistic, thoughtful girl.  I basically took the idea of branding yourself and confused it with how to live my life.  But the truth is, while finding your niche might be good for a business or a writing style, it’s not such a great way to live our life.  It’s ok to be kind of funny, but also kind of serious about things that matter.  It’s ok to really like writing about food, but it’s also ok if you want to write about faith and your relationship with God.  Right?

Ok, so there will be silliness here and some serious stuff. Some poems that I find and love and want to share.  Maybe a couple recipes when I make something that I think you’ll love? Oh, and sometimes I do crazy things like attempt to make my own beeswax candles in thrifted teacups, or convince my parents to raise a flock of ducks.  If that sounds like stuff you’re into, hang around.  It won’t be perfect, but it’s my real-life stuff and I’m excited to share it with you.


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